Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News from Reaper and Mantic

I have some new photos for you!

First there is an 'Illyrian scout' - a cute little alien type for my Space hulk collection. I think this mini is quite funny with is one eye and Elvis outfit - very Futurama-ish. Cool mini from Reapers Chronoscope line. I have given him the same kind of base (from Dragon Forge) that all my other Space Hulk minis have... He'll fit in nicely! :)

Then there is a small group of skeletons from a new company - Mantic - who aim to compete with GW on the price - 30 of these skeletons cost about the same as 20 from GW... I have painted one of the elves as well (so far they have produced an elevn line and an undead line of minitures). And while I wasn't at all fond of the elven line, I must admit that these skeletons actually look cool. Very inconsistent line of miniatures - some of them - like these undeads - look totally ok, while others (the elven line) are pretty crappy. It might be because I haven't seen any decent painted examples... Even the official paintjob looks bad! (and that is always something that should sound the alarmbell!)

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