Friday, October 24, 2014

What have I painted?!?

I have no idea what this is!

I bought this one at ebay some time ago...don't know the race, don't know the company, don't know the sculptor...

I thought it looked quite cool nonetheless and painted it up... I have even put pictures of it on Oldhammerforum, and noone there knows what it is either!? So this is your chance to proove how much you know about minis! Do tell me, if you know anything! :)

It came on an integrate base and earlier on it might have had some kind of mark beneath the base... it had been removed with a knife before I got my hands on it.

So... what is this creature?!?!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dragonbait cleric and old lead

I do still paint...

Recently I finished this one - a cleric sculpted by Kev Adams for the dragonbait indiegogo campaign. I quite like it. It has the classic old school feel to it, that Kev Adams do so well.

I tried to keep the colourscheme muted for this one. Think it came out ok. It could be a cool cleric character or npc in a roleplaying game...

I have painted some really oldschool miniatures as well... But haven't got any  photos yet.

And I have been buying more old miniatures...

I have been looking for this miniature for a long time...unwilling to pay the buy-it-now prices at ebay... This one I got from Battlefield Berlin for 10 euro... fortunately the blister is broken, so I won't hesitate to  unpack it :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

GF 16

Back from Giant Fanatic 16

I have been to a real tournament, and I have actually played Blood Bowl!

Here's a snapshot from one of my six games during this weekends Blood Bowl tournament. Notice the cool field made by Sonny Bundgaard. In this match my tactics worked out perfectly: injure the oppponent and then go score a touchdown. I made 5 casulties against this proelf team... The match afterwards I managed 8 casulties and still lost 1-0... Had some real bad luck in between injuring slanns (.. ok I admit - I wasn't quite sure about how to play those slanns...and unfortunately they turned out to play quite good).

In the end I came up fourth with 3 wins, 1 tie and 2 defeats.. I did however make the most casulties (23) and won best painted team as well... (again, admitted - blood bowlers don't seem to spend as much time painting miniatures as they do drinking beer and talking footballtactics)

I played with this team - FC Tusindmus:

Saturday was fleamarket-day as well... and I ended up with this lot of miniatures:

Was it worth some 21£? I did try to haggle...

All in all it was great to see some action, some incredibly well painted armies at the warhammer-tournament, and I really want to paint some more miniatures soon :)