Sunday, October 5, 2014

GF 16

Back from Giant Fanatic 16

I have been to a real tournament, and I have actually played Blood Bowl!

Here's a snapshot from one of my six games during this weekends Blood Bowl tournament. Notice the cool field made by Sonny Bundgaard. In this match my tactics worked out perfectly: injure the oppponent and then go score a touchdown. I made 5 casulties against this proelf team... The match afterwards I managed 8 casulties and still lost 1-0... Had some real bad luck in between injuring slanns (.. ok I admit - I wasn't quite sure about how to play those slanns...and unfortunately they turned out to play quite good).

In the end I came up fourth with 3 wins, 1 tie and 2 defeats.. I did however make the most casulties (23) and won best painted team as well... (again, admitted - blood bowlers don't seem to spend as much time painting miniatures as they do drinking beer and talking footballtactics)

I played with this team - FC Tusindmus:

Saturday was fleamarket-day as well... and I ended up with this lot of miniatures:

Was it worth some 21£? I did try to haggle...

All in all it was great to see some action, some incredibly well painted armies at the warhammer-tournament, and I really want to paint some more miniatures soon :)


  1. Hi Gurer, your Skaven team have a really nice yellow/red colors,
    6 matchs in the week end !! What sort of vitamins you take to stay aware :)
    The Lustrian pitch is just amazing!!

    Bye Nico.

    1. Hi Nico - glad you like the team... And yes, that Lustrian pitch is great! At the Giant Fanatic tournament we usually play 6 matches (four on saturday and two on sunday)... And then I do not play blood bowl for a year or two untill there is another Giant Fanatic :)