Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dragonbait cleric and old lead

I do still paint...

Recently I finished this one - a cleric sculpted by Kev Adams for the dragonbait indiegogo campaign. I quite like it. It has the classic old school feel to it, that Kev Adams do so well.

I tried to keep the colourscheme muted for this one. Think it came out ok. It could be a cool cleric character or npc in a roleplaying game...

I have painted some really oldschool miniatures as well... But haven't got any  photos yet.

And I have been buying more old miniatures...

I have been looking for this miniature for a long time...unwilling to pay the buy-it-now prices at ebay... This one I got from Battlefield Berlin for 10 euro... fortunately the blister is broken, so I won't hesitate to  unpack it :)


  1. The Cleric looks like he is posed to defend his holy keg of cider from an approaching ne'er-do-well. "Get your hands of me grog!!!"

    At first I thought that was the old Ral-Partha Jabberwocky you could now get from Ironwind Metals, but now I see it's the old Citadel one. You got it pretty darn cheaply too, great find.


  2. It is the citadel jabberwock, yes :)

  3. Great job on the cleric. The sombre colors suit him.