Monday, October 4, 2010

Blood bowl at Giant Fanatic 13

Still alive - new job has taken a lot of my time - and so has painting lots of plastic pieces for various boardgames - nothing fancy... might put up some pictures later on though... if you insist :)

Yesterday i got back from this years Giant Fanatic (GF13). I took part in the blood bowl tournament with my old skaven team - Fc Tusindmus - and I had a great time.

Even though I got beat up in my first match (against norse... see picture) It went pretty well, and in the end I ended uo fourth (out of 16 players or so), and my team even got voted best painted... (most blood bowlers doesn't really care about painting, so the competition wasn't that hard I guess - still, it's always nice to be appreciated)

I really got an urge to paint some more blood bowl teams... and there is an elf team coming up in the future (commissionwork) and maybe a norse team of my own... (bought the models at least)... or maybe a chaospact team... hmm can't really make up my mind :)


  1. I had a great time too. I do care about painting my miniatures, I even use real blood!
    I vote for a Chaos Pact team!

  2. Hi mobo - I meant all blood bowlers...except you of course! But do stop using real blood - try Tamiya red ink with a little black paint instead :)