Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new team-wip-photo

The first two linemen are done... and a second thrower. I still have to finish 4 more linemen (almost done) and the treeman. Can't wait to get my hands on that treeman. Customer showed me the model yesterday, and it was great. I haven't seen it before (and there I was, thinking I had seen it all). There was talk about altering the model with some greenstuff additions... I hope he doesn't alter it too much though :)

And I made a great bargain on ebay..hehe... buying another 15 2.ed skavens for my next bloodbowl skaven team... I wonder when I will actually have the time to paint them. Nonetheless it felt terrific to buy them :)

And a warm welcome to all the newcomers at this blog - I guess this bloodbowl updates have been quite popular. Don't worry, there will be more!


  1. So love that paint style it has given me the I was looking for, for my human team. The orange and the brown works well!

    Is there any chance you can put a post together and describe what colours you used and how you got the orange to look so good on the cloth, pads and hair.

  2. Lovin' the Eldril Sidewinder character, but they all look fantastic, nice work!

  3. Thanks for your comments :) @TripleSkull - the brown is gw foundation brown with a devlan mud wash, highlighted with bestial brown and bestial brown mixed with elf flesh. The orange colour is gw blazing orange with a devlan mud wash (gotta love that devlan mud!)highlighted with orange and orange with yellow. The orange hair is wetbrushed on a brown base... then drybrushed with the orange/yellow mix.
    Was that any help?... hope it was...

  4. Excellent... Thanks for the colours... :)