Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dwarves for the World Cup

Here's the first 15 members of the scratchbuilt dwarfteam! They are going to the world cup in Italy next week - I hope they do well!

There still remain some 13-14  models to the complete team... But I'm quite happy to have reached this point, even though I fear it will take a long time to complete the rest of the team. Still, there are some quite funny models left - the deathroller for example..and some drunken fans... and the hobgoblin starplayer of course.

If it was my team, I think I would have added more nondwarf miniatures.. but hey...some people just love dwarves! :)


Apart from bloodbowl miniatures I have had my hands on several new miniatures.

2 of the games I have supported on kickstarter has arrived!

'Blood Rage' - the McVey viking game and 'Dungeon Saga' from Mantic.

At first sight Blood Rage looks almost as good as I had hoped. The miniatures are way better than the sedition wars miniatures... And the game looks fun... though I have not played it yet...of course.

Dungeon Saga is harder to judge just by looking at it... I have no idea how the game play... but the miniatures are a little disappointing... though that was somehow expected... Mantic and their hard plastics... Still it might be good...I do love a good old dungeonraid! :)


  1. So - in the end I didn't take these guys to Lucca.

    It didn't feel right when all the guys weren't there, so after a night of packing, I ended up taking my old batterede orange team.

    Hopefully this means that the guys gets a better start on the pitch, as my efforts at the World Cup were mediocre to say the least.

    I expect them to go on tour with me and team Second edition for Europen and (hopefully) Thruddbowl...

    Still deeply in love with them, and for som reason the images doesen't do them justice.

  2. Oh... and here I was...thinking how they won the world cup, throwing lots and lots of longbomb touchdowns and outrunning every team they met... and all the time they weren't even there... I'm a little disappointed Kasper... But ok... the team will look better when we can add miniatures like the deathroller and the drunken fans :)