Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spacehulk and Frodo

Oh boy, am I looking forward to summer. I have some new miniatures for you though. First is a little monkey for my Spacehulk - the Orangutango from little model. I'm aiming one day to have a complete spacehulk squad of monkeys. (This guy is a must have:

Anyway... Here is the Orangutang:

And I have been on some oldschool citadel miniature nostalgia trip as well. Here is a mounted Frodo from somewhere back in the eighties:

He is looking a little rough, but mind you, he is quite small in real life :) Cute little fella... Got the Frodo on foot as well...


  1. Fedt at se du har fået malet en af hobbitterne. Det ser godt ud og sej orangutang!


  2. Ja tak for handlen - Det er en fed figur... især hesten kan jeg godt li'

  3. Jeg fik selv fingre i en del af dem (altså ponyerne) for nogle år siden og lavede den her unit: