Thursday, July 7, 2011


Doh! My basement was flooded last week because of the insane rain we had... and my 2 blood bowl boards were damaged :( And lots of miniature boxes (though the miniatures themselves were ok). Hope it doesn't rain like that ever again.

Paintwise I have been painting old school miniatures lately! :) I can't show you something right now... I'm waiting for the group shot... and I'm only halfway done. But here's something to hint how old school it is:


  1. Sorry to hear about your basement, that's one of my nightmares. Looking forward to some old school goodness though, you can never have enough.

  2. I am working on finishing my basement and dread the thought of flooding. Need to get a backup pump or power generator set up after it is finish.
    Sorry to hear about your loss.

  3. Ja det var en crazy omgang. Bor selv på Vesterbro men fik heldigvis reddet mit warhammerbord og det meste af mit terræn. Ked af at høre at du blev ramt hårdt. Selvom figurerne klarede skærene er det sgu ærgelig hvis det er så fine gamle kasser som Adventurers starter sættet...