Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tadaa... I have actually used my painted pathfinder goblins in play...real d&d roleplay! And now I want to paint more miniatures for roleplaying :)

And it so happend that I had this one in the pile of lead:

The ogre had a broken weapon, so he wont be painted this time. But the others got new bases to match my adventurers and the orc and the hobgoblin has already seen some paint:

They are great models - the best two in the set, I think.
I can't wait to meet them in a dark alley...Then they will taste the sword of my young and rightous paladin... hehe.

Hopefully the other bad guys will join those two soon...


  1. Nice work Gurer, these guys look great. I particularly like the fellow on the right, his facial expression is fantastic.

  2. Thanks! Yes, the face is really good on the hobgoblin- he looks even more mad irl :)Somehow you don't see those kind of faces on gw minis nowadays. It's a shame.