Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skavens and the adventurers starter set

OK then... I have some pictures for you! They aren't as good as I had hoped, but I'll show them anyway.

First, my latest 2.ed skaventeam:

The ratogre-model is the Clawed fiend from GW - it makes a quite nice ratogre I think.

And then there's the very old school adventurers starter set from back in the days (1984)

They came out like this:

Not all of the models turned out great... the gnome for example is pretty bad... And the colourschemes from the artwork don't do much good for any of the models really. Even so, I still feel there is something cool about this project - it was funny trying to follow the artwork, and doing so, I can of course blame the artist for all bad decisions :)


  1. I love these box sets with the Blanche covers. So much so I have half a mind to frame one or the two of the boxes. Pics of projects like these are in large part the gems I'm digging around for on game blogs and forums. You definitely nailed it!

    One thing though--what is this about John Blanche's and bad decisions? ;) Seriously, I think that illustration is marvelous, colors being no exception.

    Cheers and hope to see more!

  2. Uh uh... 'Blanche' and 'bad decisions' in the same sentence?! That can't be me... though I must say: purple, yellow, blue AND red on one (1!) wizard?!

    Anyway, those were different times. And therefore I take it back :) I love John Blanche