Saturday, November 5, 2011


A quick paintjob for the next roleplay session. Nothing fancy, just to let you know that I am painting :)

5 kobolds from Otherworld miniatures. They are very small - around 17 mm to the eyes. They're on 20mm bases. Fun little minis.

It feels good actually painting some of the Otherworld minis from the lead pile... I'm tempted to place a new order at Otherworld... the woucher system they have over there is very sneaky...makes me wanna buy tons of minis...

As for the monsters starter set, the last one, the ogre, is on his way. The weapon has been fixed and the plan is to have him done next friday. I'm looking forward to finish the set :)


  1. Hi, I am about to paint my own Otherworld Kobold Minis and was wondering what colors you used for the Kobold Skin/Scales?

    As it stated the original DnD MM 1 description of Kobolds was "rust-brown or reddish black color"... I am going with the Rust-Brown, similar to yours.

  2. hi... didn't see your question before now... These are pretty old miniatures... Some brown colours...rust brown sounds fine to me :)