Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monsters starter set - Complete

The monsters starter set is done.

Here goes:

The ogre was the last piece to complete the gang. I think he came out fine. The broken weapon isn't noticed, I hope... Cut off a few milimeters and pinned it to the hand.

It has been very fun to paint these golden oldies to match the original artwork - the hobgoblin and the orc are still my favourites, but the ogre has its charm :)

The wolf...not my cup of tea... And even though I felt I did an ok paintjob on the dark elf.. he's not great either... The chaos warrior as a very retro feel about him...I quite like the very golden scheme...

I hope you like them - there might come more old school minis in the future...


  1. Congratulations :) Nice seeing them all finished, Mikkel. Great paint jobs and the bases finish them of so nicely. All are very good and well painted, but my personal favourite must be the Dark Elf. Awesome choice of colours. Looking forward seeing more "Old School" from your talented hands.

  2. That brings out memories, great job. :)

  3. What tufts have you used for the basing? (Which manufacturer and what type?)

    PS: The paint job is amazing! :)

    1. Hi Pryn - The manufacturer is 'Silflor' and it's called buffalo grass, late summer. Hope you will find it useful.

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    3. Cheers! What size tufts are these and do you know a good European/Danish retailer? (Can't seem to find it anywhere apart from the US...)