Thursday, April 25, 2013

Still here

Ok then...

I'm still here - things have just been a little... I don't know.. maybe I just lost focus... And all my new pictures come out terrible...And the newborn son... And conflict at work...

Anyway... Here's a picture of the miniature Morriarty, I spoke of some time ago:

I think it turned out all right... but the pictures sure didn't :(

And here's some more more crappy pictures:

Two evil dvergar from Clams range of range of multipart dwarfs by John Pickford... I hope to see more of Clams miniatures in the future - Clam: Please send more dwarves! :)

And here's a necromancer from the range of Talisman miniatures made by Citadel... or so I remember:
I also painted a monk character ..but pictures turned out even worse on that one :( And some trolls...

And I still haven't seen anything from neither Reapers Bone kickstarter campaign nor Otherworlds adventurer campaign. I did get my money back however from that italian guy who tried to rob me at ebay... At first he claimed me miniatures was lost in the post... but shortly after he was selling the exact same used miniatures yet again at ebay...

I'll be back sooner than later with pictures of some new projects - I have a new blood bowl team coming up for this years Giant Fanatic in october...


  1. Hi - like the giant. A very suitable paint style. I just got hold of a giant from the same series and spent some time trying to figure out how to paint it. Got some inspiration from yours /Hans

  2. Hi Hans - I would love to see how you end up painting your giant! For 25 years mine have been lying miserable in my pile of lead - I just couldn't paint it proberly...

  3. I will do, Mikkel. Griffin Moulds are doing their best. Mastering is done, I think. And production moulds are in the works. So 10-15 days and I'll have 4 new bodies, 10 heads and more hands than you could ever need ready for you. Not to forget, Sjoerd's 2 characters. And who knows, I might have a special request for you, as that mad painter John did for BSL calls for a Nyboe treatment :)

    1. I look forward to see what new shinies you've got for me :)