Saturday, May 4, 2013

Super Dungeon Explorer

I was actually in the middle of my new blood bowl project - a team of norsemen, when this commisionjob turned up: 9 heroes for Super Dungeon Explorer.

I have never played the game, but it seemed like an interesting challenge :)

Here's the first two: The Deeproot Druid and the Ember Mage.

I have chosen to follow the official artwork relatively close... more will follow...


  1. Wow, those are some of the best I've seen from that game. It's not a style of figure I would consider for myself but I can certainly appreciate them when they're painted like that.

  2. Thanks Spooktalker! Glad you like them... They sure are different than the average miniature on my paintdesk as well... And as miniatures regarded they are quite rough...but they are fun as a little in between job :)