Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dungeon explore - part two

I have been painting more of the miniatures from Dungeon Explore (I have also been told, that it is not called Dungeon Explorer but Dungeon Explore... some kind of 'All-your-base-are-belong-to-us-japaneese reference) These two are the Royal Paladin and the Heartsworn Fighter (aka the dwarf hero). I still think they are a fun break from the normal miniature painting.

This is the Angry Bear - The bearform of the druid shown last week.

Painting these mangastyle miniatures is all about finding the balance between simple blockcolouring and traditional highlighting... I think I maybe have highlighted to much... At least the bear could have been more cleancut in the highlight...or something... but hey, I'm quite happy with all of them nonetheless.


  1. They look really good Mikkel as usual. Seeing these beautiful minis makes me want to try this game.

    1. Thanks Nils! ... I'm almost tempted myself to invest in this game... but still, the miniatures are a little silly and to cute for my taste... I'll rather go dungeoneering when all of the Otherworld kickstarter adventurers arrive (...though that might not be anytime soon, as far as I understand)
      But then again, you never know...They got all these cool expansions and extra stuff....