Friday, August 23, 2013

Another ewal dvergar

An ewal dwergar from Clams range of multipart chaosdwarves.
I feel this one is so much more me than the chaos dwarf Sweyn some posts ago. But enough of that.

As I'm home taking care of my 1-year old  untill he can start in daycare, I  do have the time to trawl the internet for miniatures to buy, though I do not have the time to actually paint them. So he and me has been to the postoffice several times to pick up daddys packages lately... and will continue to do that in the time to come - a real daddy and son thing :)

I couldn't wait any longer for the goblinaid miniatures - and even though the complete range wasn't out at the time, I  placed an order for some goblin goodies. We picked them up this morning, and they are really nice models. I bought the 10 I liked the most, and they are surpringsingly nice sculpts.

I also found some real Kevin Adams blood bowl goblins that looked quite cool. I hope we can pick them up at the postoffice next week or so.

And I have an additon to my spacehulk collection of odd sci/fi miniatures... more of that soon.

And theres the ebay miniatures... :)

And Reaper bones... has not arrived yet...

Nor has the Otherworld adventureres...


  1. Lovely painting and great looking miniature. (So thumbs up to Clam for that!)
    I agree, Sweyn wasn't great. I can't put my finger on it, but he just didn't work out as well as your usual miniatures. I liked his dog, though. :)
    Maybe you just have to accept that bright colours are what you do best (read: excellent!).
    But once again, this one looks great and your earlier ewal dwergars were the reason for me ending up buying some as well. (Now, go get your commision from Clam.)

    1. Maybe I ought to paint another Sweyn... Or have I found a new miniature Moriarty?