Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Otherworld miniatures is in the house!


Today is the day - I actually received my miniatures from Otherworld!! It has been a long journey... more than 1½ year since I paid some 170£ for these.
Apparently Richard has been running short of money, and haven't been able to send minaitures out before earning money through sale of other miniatures... I, for my part, would rather have borrowed money from Hells Angels than ruinning my companyname (if I were Richard that is) with a buisness strategy like that...

If I ever consider buying Otherworld miniatures again (and I'm afraid I will - they are looking so good and crisp), I really hope I'll do my buisness with some retailer rather than with Otherworld themselves.


I do have some painted miniatures to show, but that'll have to wait...


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  2. Good to hear, Mikkel - and will be looking forward seeing some painted soon. I'm still awaiting my phase 2 items, but getting miniatures in phase 1 it's a bit more easy being "patient". This Campaign has been a trail for Richard, but hopefully he'll get Otherworld back running smooth and slick, like in the old days.