Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer is almost over

Summerholiday is almost over, and I almost haven't been painting :(

Still... Gotta update this blog. Someone has to keep  this internet up and running!

I painted these miniatures from Statuesque some time ago:

I bought them because I felt that eventhough they were 3d rendered (is this the right technical term?), they had character. And the scuplts are super crisp and nicely detailed. Think they would make good roleplaying pieces, even if the paintjob isn't top.

While waiting for Otherworld miniatures, I also invested in the Kevin Adams kickstarter 'Dragon Bait miniatures'

Painted up this half-orc executioner. As much as I like Kevin Adams' goblins, I'm not sure about these miniatures. I'll have a go at some of the others though... might show up on the blog later this year.

Oh... and I have started painting on something really oldschool... The Dwarfkings court! Don't know if I ever finish the whole court...but I'm almost done with the queen. Stay tuned

And I have bought a ticket for Giant Fanatics Blood Bowl tounament in October... Maybe I'll paint something up for that as well... A turnmarker or something :)


  1. Oooh, I've been waiting for these! Very nice, I particularly like the muted tones on the dwarf. And Ziggy Star-Elf!

    (Digitally sculpted is what I'd guess the technical term is. '3D sculpting' is often used but that doesn't make much sense now those '3D' files are becoming actual, physical 3D models! The render part is just the 2D image of the file - the equivalent of a photo. But anyway, I always try to keep things 'natural' and not rely on quick cheats available to a digital sculptor. :) )

    1. Hi Andrew - thanks for enlighten me. And thanks for writing a comment! I'm rather proud that the sculpter himself comments on my blog! If I had known that you were looking, I would have taken better photos...or at least painted the minis better :) But I do hope you can accept them like this.
      I also bought the barbarian (also a very nice model!), but I ran into some trouble glueing his hands on...guess I should have washed the mini before putting glue on... anyway, he missed his chance of getting painted along with the rest of the gang.

  2. They look great! I am especially enamored with the wizard. Fantastic!