Wednesday, July 31, 2013

collecting miniatures... and a painted gobbo

A little in between paintjob -  Another Kev Adams gobbo:

Looks more mad irl :)

While I try to focus and paint something, I often find myself trawling ebay and other sites for interesting miniatures... I have done that for years... And even though the mountain of lead keeps growing, there is always a miniature I really can't carry on without. I know many fellow leadheads feel the same way, and I have always enjoyed reading wishlists on blogs - Hoping to find something I already had on other peoples lists, but more often finding new minis i ought to have.

It seems to change over time which models I have a craving for... But some models keep nagging me.

One model I really would like is the limited edition Fimir... I placed a bid on one some weeks ago, but it annoys me to pay overprice for miniatures, so I didn't get it - part of the sport is getting them at a good price.

Another model I have been looking for is the little gw Jabbervocky - But again, I hesitate to pay the price ebay demand... not sure the model is actually that good :(

I have also dreamt about the zoat with the staff for many years - but isn't it really small? It seems odd and tiny next to the normal zoats... Or is it just me?

Speaking of zoats... more fantasy zoats would be nice... and ambulls.

And the mutated ogre would also be nice to have... as well as the other Goodwin ogres...

There are so many more miniatures I would love to have. Can't name them all - I often find myself falling in love with a miniature the second I see it well painted :)

Off to ebay...

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