Tuesday, July 16, 2013

wip norsemen

While I wait for some time off (from family and other duties) to paint the chaotic dwarf from Clam miniatures, I'll post you a wip-photo of the norsemen for a upcoming Blood Bowl team:

5 gw norsemen. None of them totally finished when this photo was taken.

I have tried giving them a cold frosty look - red noses (of course) and blue glazing on the skin... They tend to look a little bit messy... I'm not sure the time put into them pays off, but I hope to see a finished team of them on the field someday.

Back to the chaos dwarves now.... focus...


  1. Exactly Mikkel, keep focus :D

  2. Looks great! Really looking forward to see more. Both BB and Clam's. :)
    (PS: Do you know of a European retailer for the turfs, you are using?)

  3. Hi Pryn - can't help you with an european retailer - I have only found it at some american webshop - can't remember where though - But I haven't had any problems buying it there! :)

    And Clam - I'm working hard on Sweyn... pictures will follow soon... I hope...

  4. Final question on the tufts (promise!): Are they the 1:45 or the 1:87 size? Or what's the product number on the package? That's probably easier... ;)

    1. Pryn, I'm sure you will think of more questions about turfs in the future! :)

      It doesn't say anything about size on the package - but the number is 737-93

    2. Cheers! :)
      And completely tuft unrelated; do you know which minis you plan to use as ulfwereners? (Just curious, as I find them one of the hardest positionals to find decent miniatures for.)

    3. Well yes... the ulfwerenes... thoese are indeed quite hard to find good miniatures for :(

      My first thought was Gaspez Arts (they aren't great either, I know)...Alternatively one could just go for a werewolf miniature... or maybe sculpt extra hair on on a gw model?