Friday, January 29, 2010


Twillight - a skirmish game of muppets fighting little dinosaurs...

Ok, I admit, I haven't been reading the gamedescriptions very closely - Instead I have been looking at the miniatures, most of them sculpted by game designer Mike Thorp himself.
I painted one of Mikes early miniatures (the space pirate 'Stalks') some years ago - and liked it very mush (still do) - therfore I was quite thrilled when he came up with a new range of miniatures to go along with his game Twillight - (not the vampire-thing!)
When he asked if there was anybody who would like to paint some of the miniatures for him, I wrote him and offered to paint a couple of the cute little fellars.


An Avatar of war necromancer.

This paticular Avatar of War sculpt was a big disappointment :( Earlier I have painted the dwarf slayer and the gobbo, both great sculpt with lots of fine details. This necromancer looks almost like one of the old 'flats'(!). If I hadn't replaced his scythe with the astronomers globe he would have been totally 2d. All of his equipment (skulls, bags etc.) are nothing near crispy and sharp - the casting made me think of the home-casted miniature I did with Prince August moulds when I was a kid (ouch, am I to harsh now?)... no sharp edges there either.

I will not recommend this miniature to anybody. That said, I think It got better once painted, if I am to say it myself :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A game of Space Hulk

As I don't have any new sparkling minis to show right now (Well.. ok, that's not quite true, but the photos wern't good, so they'll have to wait a little) I thought I would show a photo of a game of space hulk I had one cold winternight...

... Alas! My gloriuos legions of genestealers lost to those 5 (five! only five!?!) &/¤#&/ terminators...