Monday, October 5, 2015

Bloodbowling at Giant Fanatic 17

This weekend I attended Giant Fanatic 17... and played my yearly 6 matches of Bloodbowl... And these pictures tell the story prety much like it was:

Different matches, same situation... My skaven was simply swarming the serious injured and KO boxes!

1-2 vs undead 2-3 in casualties (I don't know how to beat undead with skavens!)
0-2 vs dwarves 0-5 in casalties (don't know how to beat dwarves either)
2-3 against skavens 1-5 in casualties  (failed to avoid a matchwinning 1-turn td in the last turn)
2-2 against woodelves 3-1 I believe in casualties (maybe should have won this)
0-2 against high elves ...can't recall the casualties (was supposed to meet another skaventeam, but the judge had to play this one as the skavenplayer didn't turn up... )
0-2 against dwarves 1-7 in casualties (still don't know how to beat dwarves with skavens)

I learned some valuable lesson:
  •  first of all... maybe practice is actually needed to win games after all....

  • And maybe playing the skavens as a bashingteam is a vulnerable least when you aren't extremely lucky with the dice...
  • I need more luck!!

In the end I won best painted... and 'wooden spoon' for being such a miserable looser...

Next year I might just play another team...