Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orcs and Liebster

It has been a long time... I know... Let's not talk more about it, ok?

I have been painting some very old orcs... Orc villagers to be more precise, sculpted by trish Morrison back in the days when anatomy and stuff wasn't that important. Fun was however... :)

I like them. They have something about them, don't you think?

Oh, and I have been awarded with the most prestigious of awards - The Liebster Award! Yes, it is true... Clam awarded me, and now I am to answer some 200 questions and pass the award on to another 2000 blogs. Or I'll get cursed...

The questions are like this:
  • Sci-fi or fantasy? Ancient or Modern warfare? And why? Definately fantasy and ancient warfare...but mostly fantasy. Nothing beats a dungeoncrawl with monsters...certainly not spacemarines. 
  • How did you first get into the miniature/war-gaming hobby? Dungeon & Dragons back in the days some 30 years ago..had a extremely hard time reading and understaning the rules.
  • What's the latest hobby-related book you've read? I bought Jacob Nielsens booklet about postcentaur painting...always liked and envyed Jacob Nielsens way of painting
  • What's your latest game you've played (tabletop/boardgame)? These days I haven taken up Magic the Gathering again, but last week I played Hanabi...was good fun.
  • Would you say you are more a collector, painter or gamer and why? I would say I'm a painter first and foremost, and then a collector... Haven't been playing much with them miniatures lately
  • Who is your favourite miniature sculptor? I'll go with Jes Goodwin...but I'm also quite fond of Kevin Adams, and the faces of Phil Lewis from the Talisman range are also among my favourites
  • Who is your favourite rule-book/source-book - illustrator/artist and/or writer? I hate reading rules, but do like John Blache illustrations...
  • Who is your all time favourite miniatures producing company? As much as I dislike the way GW has evolved, I must say that Citadel are the alltime greatest miniature company.
  • What's you favourite miniatures game/rule producer? I like Blood Bowl, and I even plan to play it this year at Giant Fanatic.
  • What's your dearest item in you collection - and why? I would say the 5 Femme Militant miniatures John Blanche himself payed me for some painted miniatures he bought of me.
  • What recent hobby purchase do you most regret (if any)? All kickstarters... Reaper bones because the material just doesn't do it for me, the Mcvey Sedition wars game, because it was a sci/fi game... and The Otherworld kickstarter because it has been 1½ year since the miniatures should have been here :(  
Hmm... as for passing on the throphy... I'll risk the curse - The Liebster award has been given to every single miniature blog  by now... I really think I was the last to complete the picture. I simply haven't got the time to find anyone who hasn't got it yet. If you would like to be awarded, feel free to write it in the comments :)