Friday, March 28, 2014


There you are. Kagunk, ogre chiftain by Tre Manor... the Bones version.

I really enjoyed painting this one... As I said in the last post, Tre Manors sculpts are almost as cool as Kevin Adams sculpts... And when the Bones minis becomes this large, the material isn't that annoying to work with.

I hope to see some cool Bones miniatures next month, when I'm judging a local painting contest at Fantask in Copenhagen. All entries must be Bones mini - and you can hand them in all april... Maybe some of you bloggers can come by and participate?

What to paint next? I'm considering the purple worm from Bones... But having really decided anything yet... Stay tuned :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kev Adams - blood bowl goblins

Long time since my last update. Time flies and I must admit I haven't been productive. I haven't even been following blogs and stuff...  Am I growing up, or what is happening??
But lately I have had fun painting some Kev Adams goblins - They have something special yet extremly simple to them. Maybe there is still hope for me.

But as much as I enjoyed painting them, I must say that I had a hard time taking photos of them.

I think I need to paint more Kevin Adams goblins... Some tome ago I saw an indiegogo campaign with rather nice Kevin Adams gobo warmachines and stuff... Looking forward to see those for sale irl :)
Until then I might just dig for gold in the mountain of lead... Lots of cool stuff there..probably some Kev Adams as well.

Next miniature on my to do list is a Tre Manor ogre from Reaper Bones...gotta paint at least some of them Bones... And Tre Manors sculpts are almost as cool as Kev Adams :)

The otherworld campaign has disappeared from Indiegogo... And I still haven't received a single miniature nor replies to any of my mails. I must say I'm quite disapointed with Richard from Otherworld :(

 Hopefully the next update will be sooner than later.