Sunday, December 15, 2013


Back from outer space!

I have been... away... I haven't been painting very much... Been busy at job and that kind of stuff... but most of all I have been a parent.. It really takes a lot of time and energy... the little one wakes up at 4 in the morning these months... I have been quite tired.

And I have been painting some Bones models that really wasn't very good models...

Then I got this commsionjob :)  An old spacewolf-model... I had to admit, I have only ever painted like 7 marines/terminators... So I could not promise a result similiar to the ones you usualy see.

I must say that I really enjoyed painting this model... I know nothing of 40k rules or fluff... But modelwise this model is so much more cleancut and sharp in the details than those Bones models I have been splashing paint on lately. And even though sc/fi isn't my thing, this almost felt like coming home :)

The picture isn't good... way to dark - but still.. I went as always for a muted colourscheme... gray, brown and silver. I think the idea of making a wooden bolter was quite original... even though I didn't have the time to make it look totally convincing.

I won't be rushing out buying more of those 40k models... But I do think it was fun painting this one.

And even though I have been waiting a looong time, I still haven't received a single miniature from Otherworld. No phase 1, 2, 3 or 4 models for me...Nothing... That Richard from Otherworld...

I hope my next update will be sooner than later :) And perhaps with pictures of Otherworld models... One can always dream, right?!