Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jes Goodwin ogre

The c23ogres (I believe thats is, what they're called) are among everyones favourites... They are simply excellent. A job well done by Jes Goodwin...

I bought this one at ebay some time ago - great miniature. Painting it up went ok I think, though I'm not sure I understand the pants...I think I maybe have painted something like pants that weren't meant as pants... Jes Goodwin, could you please clarify to me, what the loinclothes between his legs are meant to be if not pants? :)

The horn emerging form his forehead is a great idea. Love this sculpt!

I would really like to have some more of those ogres... there are some great personalities among them :)

Of course I have bought lots of other stuff, which may turn up here on these pages... - I can mention an ambull, two fimirs, some sort of slann and a totally unknown (to me at least) miniature... and then I couldn't help myself and backed the Mantic dungeoncrawler kickstarter... eventhough I'm rather sceptic with the miniatures from Mantic...and kickstarters...