Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So it is Christmas...

Sadly I have no new photos for you... Work and taking care of children has taken all of my time. But soon that has to end. I have to paint something soon...I need to paint something.

I could have shown you a photo of my latest ebay purchase: The very oldschool dwarf king's court....but the seller has not sent me anything yet...and has deleted his ebay-profile...I'm sure it will come soon... Or maybe not. Thanks for nothing Gofubu88 from Italy :(
This is the first time I have been cheated while dealing on the internet. Had to happen sometime, I guess.

A better experience was a trip to the cinema last week - The Hobbit was way better than I had feared... And of course I felt an urge to paint something from GWs lotr or hobbit-range... even though I think the miniatures are rather bad...all of them.... Must fight that urge... Must...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


While I struggle to defeat one of my miniature Moriartys (the giant from last post), I have finished this little fella - One of the rank'n'file evil dwarves from Clams range of multipart dwarves sculpted by John Pickford.


 He has this really cool goblin-helmet, which made me think he could be painted like a dwarf disguised as a goblin - opportunistically trying to smack down as many gobbos as possible before they realize the trick. That's why I have given him a goblingreen armour and a classic goblindesign on the shield.

The shield design is inspired by the classic evil sunz design... I'm not completely happy with it...may return later and remake it... or maybe it will just have to do.
Anyway, it's a lovely model (thank you Clam), and it has been fun to paint.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Giant miniature Moriarty

Ok then... while I wait for hundreds of miniatures to arrive in the mail, I have been golddigging in the ever increasing mountain of lead :) Why drool over oldschool minis at ebay, when there's oldschool minis to be grapped (and perhaps even painted) right here?! :)

At one of the many blogs I follow closely (Realmofchaos80s I believe), there was something about miniature Moriartys - miniatures that never went like you wanted them to... miniatures that kept being wrong no matter what you did to them. This is surely one of my miniature Moriartys:

A Citadel giant - one of the 'later giants' from back in the 80's.
I bought it back then on sale... and no wonder it was on sale - It turned out to be completely impossible to paint.

But maybe this time? After all it has been some 20 years since my latest tryout.

So I stripped it from most of its hopeless layers of paint. And there it is, ready to give it another go.

Here it is based:

So far things are going very well, I think...but I must warn you: This may be the last you see of him... I will only post more pictures of him if I fare better than 20 years ago!