Sunday, December 2, 2012

Giant miniature Moriarty

Ok then... while I wait for hundreds of miniatures to arrive in the mail, I have been golddigging in the ever increasing mountain of lead :) Why drool over oldschool minis at ebay, when there's oldschool minis to be grapped (and perhaps even painted) right here?! :)

At one of the many blogs I follow closely (Realmofchaos80s I believe), there was something about miniature Moriartys - miniatures that never went like you wanted them to... miniatures that kept being wrong no matter what you did to them. This is surely one of my miniature Moriartys:

A Citadel giant - one of the 'later giants' from back in the 80's.
I bought it back then on sale... and no wonder it was on sale - It turned out to be completely impossible to paint.

But maybe this time? After all it has been some 20 years since my latest tryout.

So I stripped it from most of its hopeless layers of paint. And there it is, ready to give it another go.

Here it is based:

So far things are going very well, I think...but I must warn you: This may be the last you see of him... I will only post more pictures of him if I fare better than 20 years ago!

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