Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So it is Christmas...

Sadly I have no new photos for you... Work and taking care of children has taken all of my time. But soon that has to end. I have to paint something soon...I need to paint something.

I could have shown you a photo of my latest ebay purchase: The very oldschool dwarf king's court....but the seller has not sent me anything yet...and has deleted his ebay-profile...I'm sure it will come soon... Or maybe not. Thanks for nothing Gofubu88 from Italy :(
This is the first time I have been cheated while dealing on the internet. Had to happen sometime, I guess.

A better experience was a trip to the cinema last week - The Hobbit was way better than I had feared... And of course I felt an urge to paint something from GWs lotr or hobbit-range... even though I think the miniatures are rather bad...all of them.... Must fight that urge... Must...


  1. Hejsa, (du ved det nok men) ville bare lige minde om, at Paypal har en money-back garanti inden for 40 dage. Derudover er min egen erfaring desværre også, at figurer fra Italien (og Spanien) betyder re-casts - hvis de altså dukker op.
    Håber der kommer noget godt ud af det og god jul!

    1. 40 dage siger du? Jeg vidste det faktisk ikke...jeg tror jeg vil undersøge det lidt nærmere. Tak for tippet!