Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas

And a merry christmas to you too, sir!

I hope you will all get lead for christmas... or maybe resin.

- Unfortunately there is no such traditions at my place, so I have got to buy it myself. This week I have bought some winged little demons armed with guns (perfect for alternative spacehulk scenarios) and three 2. ed blood bowl skavens (the two throwers and a catcher). I just love those Jes Goodwin scuplts, and even though I have already painted two 2.ed skaventeams I have a craving for yet another one.

See you soon - I hope to have new pictures for you then...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Even more bb elves...

Ok then... here's the newest batch of 2.ed.blood bowl elves.

My eyes are getting much better (thanks for the concern, guys!), and though I feel these aren't my best minis ever, I'm still happy they could be done at all :)

And here's a groupshot fo the elves done so far.

I still have to paint something like 7 linemen and a treeman.
I'm looking forward to the treeman, but I'm a little concerned about all those linemen... I remember thinking they where incredibly cool back in the days with their mohawks and 'come and get some'-attitude, but now I'm not so sure...Actually I feel they're the weakest sculpts of the bunch.. hmmm...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cerebral thrombosis

I'm not sure how to put this, but two weeks ago I had a stroke. I believe the tecnical term for it is a 'cerebral thrombosis'. It came, as you might think, as a total chok that I, in my relatively young age should experience that kind of things. I was in hospital for some days, but things are looking much better now already. The main consequence was severe problems coordinating the eyes and moving around. I still have some problems focusing. My eyes do get better every day though, and hopes are, that they will be as good as new within a month og two... That would be really nice, thank you!
For a couple of days I had no idea whether I would be able to paint a miniature ever again, but things are looking much brighter now, and I have already been testing a little on the 2.ed blood bowl elves I have on my work desk at the moment :)

So, no pictures for you this time - but soon I hope to bring you some news

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More elves for blood bowl...

I am really pleased with these Jes Goodwin elves... Although they have some less defined areas here and there, I think they come out pretty good looking :)

Here you have two more catchers (agile and slippery as hell) and another blitzer. The colourscheme is the same - the entire team is meant to be like this - no black-, red- or bluehaired elves on this team. Coherent is the codeword here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blood bowl elves

Blood bowl elves. When I got the team from the customer, they were all undercoated with white spray making the minis all granulated :( a pestilence to paint... Almost painted a handful before I realized that it would never work. I have stripped most of them (16 players in total) and started all over again... sigh.

Anyway... My new tactic is to paint one at a time, take the time it takes and enjoy these classic miniatures :)

The sculpts aren't as sharp as minis today, but they have lots of character - I have a good feeling about this team!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Castle Ravenloft

I have been speedpainting (thank you Devlan Mud) and here's the miniatures for the boardgame Castle Ravenloft. I'm looking forward to actually play the game :) The gaming is set for next weekend...

You will hear more about this, when the five bold adventurers have seen action...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nostalgia trip

Inspired by the nostalgia of guys like Dave King I recently bought these two golden oldies at ebay :)

I cannot say, when I will have the time to paint them - but I think it's a great project painting these minis of yesterday with todays standard. I remember these minis from my youth - I didn't actually own any of them back then, but still, to me they reek nostalgia.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Blood bowl at Giant Fanatic 13

Still alive - new job has taken a lot of my time - and so has painting lots of plastic pieces for various boardgames - nothing fancy... might put up some pictures later on though... if you insist :)

Yesterday i got back from this years Giant Fanatic (GF13). I took part in the blood bowl tournament with my old skaven team - Fc Tusindmus - and I had a great time.

Even though I got beat up in my first match (against norse... see picture) It went pretty well, and in the end I ended uo fourth (out of 16 players or so), and my team even got voted best painted... (most blood bowlers doesn't really care about painting, so the competition wasn't that hard I guess - still, it's always nice to be appreciated)

I really got an urge to paint some more blood bowl teams... and there is an elf team coming up in the future (commissionwork) and maybe a norse team of my own... (bought the models at least)... or maybe a chaospact team... hmm can't really make up my mind :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summers is over...

Summer is over and I have only painted a few minis during my holliday :(

The boarboyz above are the first 5 minis for my 8.ed warhammer fantasy army... Yer right - none of us will probably ever see the day... but anyway, it felt good to paint a unit, dreaming about it roaring along the flank of the helpless enemy

I have also painted a couple of skavens - one for the blue blood bowl team, and one Lord Skrolk - both of them are commisionjobs

I really hope to paint some more bb-players for that mixed races team - until now there are two skavens and a black orc... Think a whole team would look great :)

Oh... and a warm welcome to my 9-th guest jedscott1 - hope you will enjoy your stay

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gobbo warband and more pigfaced orcs

Tadaa - the complete Pathfinder gobbo warband. Now, where are them roleplayers?!

And here are some more pigfaced orcs done in the same way. The youngster with the catapult is quite nice... I'm not to keen on the babyorc though... Stil, these are good minitures from Otherworld.

Painting these goblins and orcs, and seeing the new rivertrolls and boarboys from gw has given me the urge to try painting an orcarmy for Warhammer when the new 8. ed. comes out... but I suppose it will end like the dwarf army I started painting... and the darkelf army I started painting... and the undead army I almost started painting...

Anyway - I have bought both the rivertrolls and the boarboys... so some of them might show up here painted... Then we can take it from there :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pigfaced orcs

Yes! the computer is back - and all is well... the harddisk wasn't damaged :)

I have painted some of the Otherworld miniatures I bought a couple of weeks ago - 3 pigfaced orcs. They are meant to match the Pathfinder goblins. They would certainly suit some oldschool dungeon-raid.

And I have taken some photos of the last 2 Pathfinder goblins. Now the warband is complete and ready for roleplaying. Can't make a groupshot yet, because the rest of the gang is on display at my local store 'Fantask'.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

computer breakdown

Doh... My computer fell seriously ill, and has been sent to service. I really hope they can fix it, as I have done very little in the way of back up :(

Therefore it may be a while before I again can show some pictures here at 'Gurer - the blog'.

It might give me some more time to paint miniatures though - so there will be new pictures...eventually.

I have painted the last gobo pyro and the gobo warchanter - giving me a total of ten painted Pathfinder goblins.

And I have started painting some of the pigfaced orcs from Otherworld miniatures. I went a bit mad and ordered far to many Otherworld miniatures than I will ever paint... But you know.. ont thing led to another and there I was with a huge box of new shiny minis.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


One of the old fimirs from back in the days. I remember reading a scenario for warhammer roleplay with fimirs in one of my first 'White dwarf' magazines. I never got one back then, but out of nostalgia (and perhaps also because I can't help collecting rare minis) I purchased this one recently. Many things can be said about the sculpt - but it's a fimir, and that's enough for me :) I loved painting it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some sort of Spacehulk

A groupshot of the miniatures I have painted for spacehulk - not including the 20 genestealers. I think there could be made all sort of crazy scenarious with this bunch. My favourites are the right mutant scrunt from Bob Olly and Mao the psyker :)
...To bad I haven't really had the time to actually play Spacehulk (apart from some simple scenarios without any special rules)...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goblin pyros

More Pathfindergoblins; these are pyro-gobblins - nasty little firestarters...

I love the faces on these goblins from Reaper Pathfinder! :)

The paintjob on the torches doesn't look good on the photo - It might not be much better in real life...But still... they look ok...

I have done a little sourcelightning on heads, hands and the cloak og the hooded one. It doesn't show on the photos, but irl it looks ok. I didn't want to make the areas in shadow darker, because they are meant to go along with the rest of the goblins (who had to be darker as well then)

Two more are on their way - the goblin warchanter and a pyro-gobbo. By then I'll have a warband of 10 - can't wait to make a groupshot of the bunch.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gobbo boss on dog and some cleric

The goblin boss on dog was bought this friday and painted yesterday. I love these Pathfinder gobbos and have already ordered the other blister of 4 fire starters and a gobbo sorcerer to go along with the warband. If only I had any use of them, it would be perfect, hehe :)

Until I get the last 5 members, the warband look like this:

And on top of that, I have finaly gotten to paint one of the Spyglass minis I have had for some time now - this cleric/monk/whatever is so simple, still I'm very fond of the model. It's resin and an extremely crisp and sharp casting - super model. Again the only problem is, that I have absolutely no use of such a fellow... But hey, that haven't stopped me from purchasing minis before...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pathfinder gobbos

More minis for some roleplay I am never gonna play. These gobbos are from Reapers Pathfinder line of miniatures. More sprite or pixie than your average gw-goblin - which is good, I think :)
These would make great low level critters.... And I just have to have that gobbo boss on a dog (or giant rat or whatever it's supposed to be) as well - together they are gonna be a tough, but cute, little warband. A real fear for any lvl 1 wizard with only one magic missile or whatever they have to defend themselves these days :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gnome from Reaper

Another roleplaying mini - a gnome engineer of some kind. Nice little fellow from Reaper... All those roleplaying minis really tempt me to do some dungeonraiding myself... Now, where did I put my backpack and longsword?

What I really want is maybe not actually playing anything... but rather to paint a lot of oldschool fantasy minis for a purpose. Orcs and kobolds and such. And maybe one of the old zoats - bought some zoat-legs on ebay this week to fit the zoat-upperbody I have had in the bitsbox for years. And fimirs... I would love to paint some fimirs... Unfortunately those a quite hard to get and quite expensive on ebay.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News from Reaper and Mantic

I have some new photos for you!

First there is an 'Illyrian scout' - a cute little alien type for my Space hulk collection. I think this mini is quite funny with is one eye and Elvis outfit - very Futurama-ish. Cool mini from Reapers Chronoscope line. I have given him the same kind of base (from Dragon Forge) that all my other Space Hulk minis have... He'll fit in nicely! :)

Then there is a small group of skeletons from a new company - Mantic - who aim to compete with GW on the price - 30 of these skeletons cost about the same as 20 from GW... I have painted one of the elves as well (so far they have produced an elevn line and an undead line of minitures). And while I wasn't at all fond of the elven line, I must admit that these skeletons actually look cool. Very inconsistent line of miniatures - some of them - like these undeads - look totally ok, while others (the elven line) are pretty crappy. It might be because I haven't seen any decent painted examples... Even the official paintjob looks bad! (and that is always something that should sound the alarmbell!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Viking paladin

A reaper viking with a new warhammer, commisionjob.
Customer wanted the viking to be a middleaged viking paladin with an oversized magical looking warhammer. The warhammer is scratchbuilt from some resin cut up and supposed to have a raven engraved. Hard to say whether it is a raven or some other kind of bird - nonetheless I think I managed ok. Belt is supposed to look magical as well (Girdle of strength).

Those Reaper miniatures really make me wanna play some kind of dungeonraid-kind of boardgame with lots of oldschool miniatures painted up... Maybe Descent from Fantasy Flight Games is something for me?! (it always appeared to me a very childish kind of boardgame, but now I'm tempted anyway)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Twillight - a skirmish game of muppets fighting little dinosaurs...

Ok, I admit, I haven't been reading the gamedescriptions very closely - Instead I have been looking at the miniatures, most of them sculpted by game designer Mike Thorp himself.
I painted one of Mikes early miniatures (the space pirate 'Stalks') some years ago - and liked it very mush (still do) - therfore I was quite thrilled when he came up with a new range of miniatures to go along with his game Twillight - (not the vampire-thing!)
When he asked if there was anybody who would like to paint some of the miniatures for him, I wrote him and offered to paint a couple of the cute little fellars.


An Avatar of war necromancer.

This paticular Avatar of War sculpt was a big disappointment :( Earlier I have painted the dwarf slayer and the gobbo, both great sculpt with lots of fine details. This necromancer looks almost like one of the old 'flats'(!). If I hadn't replaced his scythe with the astronomers globe he would have been totally 2d. All of his equipment (skulls, bags etc.) are nothing near crispy and sharp - the casting made me think of the home-casted miniature I did with Prince August moulds when I was a kid (ouch, am I to harsh now?)... no sharp edges there either.

I will not recommend this miniature to anybody. That said, I think It got better once painted, if I am to say it myself :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A game of Space Hulk

As I don't have any new sparkling minis to show right now (Well.. ok, that's not quite true, but the photos wern't good, so they'll have to wait a little) I thought I would show a photo of a game of space hulk I had one cold winternight...

... Alas! My gloriuos legions of genestealers lost to those 5 (five! only five!?!) &/¤#&/ terminators...