Friday, May 28, 2010

Gobbo warband and more pigfaced orcs

Tadaa - the complete Pathfinder gobbo warband. Now, where are them roleplayers?!

And here are some more pigfaced orcs done in the same way. The youngster with the catapult is quite nice... I'm not to keen on the babyorc though... Stil, these are good minitures from Otherworld.

Painting these goblins and orcs, and seeing the new rivertrolls and boarboys from gw has given me the urge to try painting an orcarmy for Warhammer when the new 8. ed. comes out... but I suppose it will end like the dwarf army I started painting... and the darkelf army I started painting... and the undead army I almost started painting...

Anyway - I have bought both the rivertrolls and the boarboys... so some of them might show up here painted... Then we can take it from there :)

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