Monday, August 9, 2010

Summers is over...

Summer is over and I have only painted a few minis during my holliday :(

The boarboyz above are the first 5 minis for my 8.ed warhammer fantasy army... Yer right - none of us will probably ever see the day... but anyway, it felt good to paint a unit, dreaming about it roaring along the flank of the helpless enemy

I have also painted a couple of skavens - one for the blue blood bowl team, and one Lord Skrolk - both of them are commisionjobs

I really hope to paint some more bb-players for that mixed races team - until now there are two skavens and a black orc... Think a whole team would look great :)

Oh... and a warm welcome to my 9-th guest jedscott1 - hope you will enjoy your stay