Friday, June 1, 2012

So... it's time for an update. I have moved house, my wife is pregnant, lots of work...

But I'm still painting :) Here's some of the things I have done lately:

Orcs. For roleplaying - hence the round bases. I'm quite fond of the skincolour. Nothing fancy, but it works. The models are older gw orcs I had in my basement, still in blisters. The house moving has made me look through my leadpile.. ohh there are some shiny things there.

Another grab in the pile - some bretonian men at arms from gw and an orc captain I think, from reaper. Also meant for roleplaying And finaly I have this old gem for you - I have painted this genestealer for a friend of mine. I hope he likes it.

It found it extremely hard to get a good photo of this guy, too many arms I guess :)

And there are some trolls too... and some old 40k squats...  And maybe I'll even start painting some of the amazing McVey stuff I have bought lately...