Thursday, February 10, 2011

The complete 2. ed. elven blood bowl team

There you are. That should be it. Here is the complete 2. ed elf team. 17 models in total.

The treeman is hard to see in detail... He actually has a very nice face expression. It's a great model. I still don't know where he comes from - I remember having seen the model with a halfling team as well.

The linemen let the team down a bit, I think... As I had feared they look quite weak beside the blitzer and catcher models. Anyway - they are classic models and they belong to this team.

What now? Uhhhh I still have the urge to paint some more 2. ed blood bowl skavens, but then again you never know. Soon the Ravenloft boardgame follow-up will come out. Maybe I will speedpaint a set of dungeonraid plastic models.