Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There you are:


One  Bloody big Ettin Bones miniature for you. It could, and probably should, be highlighted and detailed more... maybe I will do some of that later on. Let's call him wip...  I'll return with new and better looking photos one day...

I must say - I'm pretty annoyed with the stickyness it gets when varnished?! I use Modelmaster dull cote, and have never had any problems with that...

As for the bendiness, I'm also a little worried about a miniature like this one - his clubs tend to bend. i know it can be fixed with warm and cold water...but it keeps bending back if put into a box for transport... So i will have to keep him where I have unbended him... oh well.

Apart from all that, I must say I really like those Tre Manor sculpts! And at 5$ this one is a bargain. Go buy one and see if you disagree!

Now, what to paint next? Another sticky bone or something completely different? It will be something from the mountain though (so no wk dwarves, though they look mighty fine)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goblinaid gobbo

A goblin from goblinaid:

A goblin wizard (here without his scroll pet) sculpted by George Fairlamb... can't remember having seen his name before?
While not the best sculpted among the goblinaid-gobbos I bought some weeks ago (his nose was quite a challenge), it has something to it. 

He is a little fellow, and I thought the lipped 30 mm base would be to big for him, hence the traditional gw round base... maybe I should paint up his scroll pet and give them a lipped base...

Have you painted any goblinaid gobbos to be seen anywhere??

Monday, September 9, 2013


At last the Bones from Reaper arrived.

I had to pay 75$ in taxes to get it... and even though I'm not that much into Reapers stuff, it is overwhelming to open the box with some 200-250 figures in :)

I have even tried to paint one. This is my first experiment with painting Bones:

A Bones orc, sculpted by Tre Manor by the looks of it.
It was an ok experience. It was a little hard to prime it, but from there it painted up nicely I think. Some of the details are a little rough... But what's to expect at that price...

The integral base is annoying though - hard to get a hold on while painting and the finished mini doesn't match my other miniatures... I have considered removing it and putting the mini on a slotta base... Another solution is letting it be - these minis are for roleplaying mostly anyway... I dunno... What do you do with your bones??

I'm pretty sure I won't paint all of the bones miniatures...not even 10%... but still it is fun having all those miniatures that doesn't have to get a topnutch paintjob because, hey, they didn't cost me much (at least pr miniature).

What Bones miniature should be the next? Hmm... I'm considerering another Orc, some giant rats or something else I could use in lowlevel roleplaying... or maybe I should just grab a random?