Monday, September 9, 2013


At last the Bones from Reaper arrived.

I had to pay 75$ in taxes to get it... and even though I'm not that much into Reapers stuff, it is overwhelming to open the box with some 200-250 figures in :)

I have even tried to paint one. This is my first experiment with painting Bones:

A Bones orc, sculpted by Tre Manor by the looks of it.
It was an ok experience. It was a little hard to prime it, but from there it painted up nicely I think. Some of the details are a little rough... But what's to expect at that price...

The integral base is annoying though - hard to get a hold on while painting and the finished mini doesn't match my other miniatures... I have considered removing it and putting the mini on a slotta base... Another solution is letting it be - these minis are for roleplaying mostly anyway... I dunno... What do you do with your bones??

I'm pretty sure I won't paint all of the bones miniatures...not even 10%... but still it is fun having all those miniatures that doesn't have to get a topnutch paintjob because, hey, they didn't cost me much (at least pr miniature).

What Bones miniature should be the next? Hmm... I'm considerering another Orc, some giant rats or something else I could use in lowlevel roleplaying... or maybe I should just grab a random?


  1. I put all of my D&D figures on 25mm etc. as required by their respective size.

  2. Very nice! Did you apply varnish? I read about some negative experiences regarding bones and varnish, i.e. figure getting sticky. Any first hand expertise?

  3. Well, now you mention it.. it is a little sticky! :( Hopefully it will get better...

  4. 200+ miniatures now that's quite a box :)Didn't fall for this myself - but might pick up some just to see and feel what it's all about. And an interesting observations regarding primers, Mikkel. Heard that some have actually been successful without prime - and just used Citadel foundation for first layer!
    Can we give suggestions? Can always try, right? More Tre Manor's - the Orcs are great but I'd also like to see the Ettin or the Ogre painted - if you got those add ons.

    1. As for primers... I never use actual primer... I give the minis a basecoat of gw foundation - And foundation paint had some trouble covering this Bones mini :(

      As for the stickyness, it's been some 1½ day, and it is still a little sticky - but less than yesterday. So there is hope.

      Next Bones mini could very well be the Ettin by Tre Manors - I have had my eye on that one myself...

  5. Will be looking forward seeing the Ettin then :-D