Thursday, January 16, 2014


So, in the end it didn't take that much effort. As strange as it is, it really wasn't that big a deal to paint this iconic old school sculpt.

Of course I could have spent more time on it... and will probably add some static grass and fix some minor details.... but for now it does look quite ambull'ish to me :) 

I have to ask though... How about those eyes?! I can't recall ever having seen it with eyes painted before... Is this because they aren't supposed to have eyes or what? And would it be better off with green eyes or red, instead of those almost human eyes I have given it?

I experimented a little with varnish... It looked a little dull after being dullcoted...(!) So I gave it some gloss coate on the scales, claws, teeth and head... It adds something right, I think.

The red on the back of the ambull is supposed to be blood coming from some wounds this particular casting had... In the end it came out ok.

I have always been very intriqued by these strange creatures... and after finaly having painted one, I must admit, I would like to have some more! :)


And I still haven't heard a word from Otherworld Miniatures...