Sunday, January 23, 2011

BB-referee (human)

While I try to finish the 2. ed elven team... here's a little in between mini. One of the two bb-referees from gw... I have painted the other - a dwarf - as well... can't find it right now though...(You can see him on the slann team shot, I believe)

I'm working on the treeman for the elven team... he's quite a big guy :)

(Saw the rulebok for AE Bounty the other day... made me wanna paint some aliens... or maybe I should just stick to bb for some time... Uhhh so many minis and I'm so lazy...)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new team-wip-photo

The first two linemen are done... and a second thrower. I still have to finish 4 more linemen (almost done) and the treeman. Can't wait to get my hands on that treeman. Customer showed me the model yesterday, and it was great. I haven't seen it before (and there I was, thinking I had seen it all). There was talk about altering the model with some greenstuff additions... I hope he doesn't alter it too much though :)

And I made a great bargain on ebay..hehe... buying another 15 2.ed skavens for my next bloodbowl skaven team... I wonder when I will actually have the time to paint them. Nonetheless it felt terrific to buy them :)

And a warm welcome to all the newcomers at this blog - I guess this bloodbowl updates have been quite popular. Don't worry, there will be more!