Monday, October 8, 2012

Blood Bowl af Giant Fanatic 15

Hi there... (I know I haven't been posting for a long time... real life has been horrible!)

I haven't been painting anything either...

But this weekend I went to play my annual games of Blood bowl at Giant Fanatic in Copenhagen. I used to participate in the Warhammer-tournament, but that was many years ago... Blood Bowl requires less commitment, fewer painted miniatures... and it's a great game. So there I was.

I fielded the same skaventeam as last year. I even chose the same extra skills as last year, and therefore I was quite certain that, even though I havent played in a year, I would do quite well. I really like the fast skavens. Movement 9 is a bless. But I do also very much  like to beat up the other team and therefore I went with skills like migthy blow and block.

First game was against undead. A nice swedish guy. Close game.  2-1 victory. I didn't make that many casualties...if any... but a victory it was nonetheless.

Next game was against a slann team... Eventhough I have painted one myself, I have never played with or against a slannteam before. The leapt everywhere and i was lucky to get a draw 1-1

From here things started to go wrong. Third game was against Mobos skavens. I understand he has some practice in playing them skavens... And even though I should have sent his little av7 rats right off the pitch and into the casualtybox as easy as...something very easy... it didn't happend. I lost the game 1-2 and was never close to victory :(

Last game saturday was agianst orc... forgot to take any pictures - I was to busy removing my rats from the field and lost 1-2 again without any chance of winning.

Sunday morning - everything looked brighter and I was going to play some woodelves I remember beating to smithereens last year. And for the first time part of my plan worked out well - I managed to injure 7 out of his 11 elves! He did however score against me (including a one turn touchdown... oh the horror!), and I was extremely lucky getting a draw: 3-3. A great match - the best I have played this year :)

Last game was against skavens... again. And again, I must say, my plan failed miserably. I got my ratogre injured very early in the game, and was quite lucky losing by a single touchdown: 3-4. Fun game nonetheless

In the end I won the award for best painted team (thank you very much!). But gamewise I was no good... Maybe next year will be different... Maybe I should field the orc team I painted some years ago and never played with... Or maby I should paint something new---perhaps a fourth skaventeam? :)