Saturday, April 24, 2010

computer breakdown

Doh... My computer fell seriously ill, and has been sent to service. I really hope they can fix it, as I have done very little in the way of back up :(

Therefore it may be a while before I again can show some pictures here at 'Gurer - the blog'.

It might give me some more time to paint miniatures though - so there will be new pictures...eventually.

I have painted the last gobo pyro and the gobo warchanter - giving me a total of ten painted Pathfinder goblins.

And I have started painting some of the pigfaced orcs from Otherworld miniatures. I went a bit mad and ordered far to many Otherworld miniatures than I will ever paint... But you know.. ont thing led to another and there I was with a huge box of new shiny minis.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


One of the old fimirs from back in the days. I remember reading a scenario for warhammer roleplay with fimirs in one of my first 'White dwarf' magazines. I never got one back then, but out of nostalgia (and perhaps also because I can't help collecting rare minis) I purchased this one recently. Many things can be said about the sculpt - but it's a fimir, and that's enough for me :) I loved painting it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some sort of Spacehulk

A groupshot of the miniatures I have painted for spacehulk - not including the 20 genestealers. I think there could be made all sort of crazy scenarious with this bunch. My favourites are the right mutant scrunt from Bob Olly and Mao the psyker :)
...To bad I haven't really had the time to actually play Spacehulk (apart from some simple scenarios without any special rules)...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goblin pyros

More Pathfindergoblins; these are pyro-gobblins - nasty little firestarters...

I love the faces on these goblins from Reaper Pathfinder! :)

The paintjob on the torches doesn't look good on the photo - It might not be much better in real life...But still... they look ok...

I have done a little sourcelightning on heads, hands and the cloak og the hooded one. It doesn't show on the photos, but irl it looks ok. I didn't want to make the areas in shadow darker, because they are meant to go along with the rest of the goblins (who had to be darker as well then)

Two more are on their way - the goblin warchanter and a pyro-gobbo. By then I'll have a warband of 10 - can't wait to make a groupshot of the bunch.