Friday, August 21, 2015

Scratchbuilt Bloodbowl chaosdwarves coming up


Ok then.. took me a long time to get here... 9 months or so since my last post. And I havent been painting at all :(

Things went wrong when Fantask closed down their gamestore. That used to be the place where I did all my painting... for some 14 years I have been painting there every friday more or less. But times are hard and they had to close last winter...Im not good at adjusting... I must admit that :(

I have done several things to kickstart my paintingcareer though... I have, of course, bought tons of miniatures... I have recently bought a whole new set of Windsor & Newton brushes and some weeks ago I accepted a commision job - 28 chaosdwarves for blood bowl. All of them scratchbuilt by a tallented guy at  Chaos Dwarf Online called Tjub.

An absolutely great team, full of character and humour. Great ideas... I really hope I can do them justice...

And all of them are supposed to be done this year... That's the plan...

The one on the picture is the first completed dwarf... at the moment we're discussing whether the silver on the hat should be white instead... I think that might be a good idea?

Apart from not painting, life is ok... children are alive and growing..job's ok most of the time and so on... I only wish I had more time to do hobbyrelated stuff...