Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More monsters

I have been working on the Monsters starter set from 1985. The orc and the hobgoblin were definitely the best of the bunch. Here they are together with the goblin, the lesser goblin, the wolf and the chaoswarrior. They are relatively quick paintjobs - nothing fancy there - but still they are lots of fun.

There's the darkelf and the ogre with the broken weapon left... Can't say when they'll be done - But I'm still in the mood for roleplaying miniatures... might paint some of the Otherworld minis I bought some 2 years ago...

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tadaa... I have actually used my painted pathfinder goblins in play...real d&d roleplay! And now I want to paint more miniatures for roleplaying :)

And it so happend that I had this one in the pile of lead:

The ogre had a broken weapon, so he wont be painted this time. But the others got new bases to match my adventurers and the orc and the hobgoblin has already seen some paint:

They are great models - the best two in the set, I think.
I can't wait to meet them in a dark alley...Then they will taste the sword of my young and rightous paladin... hehe.

Hopefully the other bad guys will join those two soon...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skavens and the adventurers starter set

OK then... I have some pictures for you! They aren't as good as I had hoped, but I'll show them anyway.

First, my latest 2.ed skaventeam:

The ratogre-model is the Clawed fiend from GW - it makes a quite nice ratogre I think.

And then there's the very old school adventurers starter set from back in the days (1984)

They came out like this:

Not all of the models turned out great... the gnome for example is pretty bad... And the colourschemes from the artwork don't do much good for any of the models really. Even so, I still feel there is something cool about this project - it was funny trying to follow the artwork, and doing so, I can of course blame the artist for all bad decisions :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blood Bowl at Giant Fanatic14

And so it came and went... This years Giant Fanatic...

Just got back from Giant Fanatic (gf14). I managed to get the painting of my new skaventeam done in time (saturday morning, 1 hour before kickoff). 18 Players participated, including some of the finest bb-players in Denmark as well as a girl from Rusia (a REAL girl...woman... I'm not kidding!).

I won 4 out of my 7 games, scored 12 touchdowns and made 19 casulties - the casulties gave me the honour of most butchering player (some norse guy didn't turn up for the last two games, and I beat him by one casulty)

I even got the chance to beat my own woodelf team to smithereens :)

Besides being the tournament, where I play my yearly games of blood bowl, GF is also a very impressive Warhammer event (some 150 players). I talked to Tue Kaas, a golden demon winner some years ago, and after having painted a little handful of miniatures a year, he surprised me with this stunning 40k army:

I presume he won best painted, but I didn't stay to find out. Anyway, it looked great!

I also had the pleasure to see 'Tulzifar' from Powerfist.dk in action - this is a 'dick-train' (?!) that was made for a music video with some danish band - very grotesque

Anyhow, I ended up fourth in the tounament (Mobo won again, this time with some cheesy woodelves... wonder if he ever dares to play some teams that doesn't play themselves, hehe)and I won best painted team as well, even though it was a close call this year (picures of the skaventeam will come when I have the time to take some). It was a great weekend with thousands and thousands of painted miniatures - Great!