Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So it is Christmas...

Sadly I have no new photos for you... Work and taking care of children has taken all of my time. But soon that has to end. I have to paint something soon...I need to paint something.

I could have shown you a photo of my latest ebay purchase: The very oldschool dwarf king's court....but the seller has not sent me anything yet...and has deleted his ebay-profile...I'm sure it will come soon... Or maybe not. Thanks for nothing Gofubu88 from Italy :(
This is the first time I have been cheated while dealing on the internet. Had to happen sometime, I guess.

A better experience was a trip to the cinema last week - The Hobbit was way better than I had feared... And of course I felt an urge to paint something from GWs lotr or hobbit-range... even though I think the miniatures are rather bad...all of them.... Must fight that urge... Must...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


While I struggle to defeat one of my miniature Moriartys (the giant from last post), I have finished this little fella - One of the rank'n'file evil dwarves from Clams range of multipart dwarves sculpted by John Pickford.


 He has this really cool goblin-helmet, which made me think he could be painted like a dwarf disguised as a goblin - opportunistically trying to smack down as many gobbos as possible before they realize the trick. That's why I have given him a goblingreen armour and a classic goblindesign on the shield.

The shield design is inspired by the classic evil sunz design... I'm not completely happy with it...may return later and remake it... or maybe it will just have to do.
Anyway, it's a lovely model (thank you Clam), and it has been fun to paint.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Giant miniature Moriarty

Ok then... while I wait for hundreds of miniatures to arrive in the mail, I have been golddigging in the ever increasing mountain of lead :) Why drool over oldschool minis at ebay, when there's oldschool minis to be grapped (and perhaps even painted) right here?! :)

At one of the many blogs I follow closely (Realmofchaos80s I believe), there was something about miniature Moriartys - miniatures that never went like you wanted them to... miniatures that kept being wrong no matter what you did to them. This is surely one of my miniature Moriartys:

A Citadel giant - one of the 'later giants' from back in the 80's.
I bought it back then on sale... and no wonder it was on sale - It turned out to be completely impossible to paint.

But maybe this time? After all it has been some 20 years since my latest tryout.

So I stripped it from most of its hopeless layers of paint. And there it is, ready to give it another go.

Here it is based:

So far things are going very well, I think...but I must warn you: This may be the last you see of him... I will only post more pictures of him if I fare better than 20 years ago!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back with a trophy


Recently things have gone better. I've returned to work, and I have started painting again. First thing painted in a long time is this BB-trophy sulpted on commision by Bob Olley (for the same bb-enthusiast, who commisioned the bb-mermaid) . It's 5 cm high and can be used as trophy, rerollcounter, turnmarker or whatever you feel like. The ball is oddly small... It has to be the arm of an ogre or something really big to make any sense. But when that is said, I think it looks really cool, and it has good heavy feel to it, being solid metal.

While I haven't been painting, I have however been trawling ebay for old school miniatures.... along with the rest of the world it seems?!? Prices have exploded... I have been outbid on every single thing I have laid eyes on. Maybe it's time to sell instead of buying?? Or maybe just digging the leadmountain for some already attained gold?

With no succes at buying at ebay, I felt I had to throw all my money after miniatures yet to be made... Having supported the Mcvey kickstarter and the Reaper bones kickstarter was apparently not enough. I just had to have those Otherworld adventureres as well... oh well... At some time there will be a considerable addon to the mountain of lead/plastic. Sedition Wars should be around in December as far as I remember... Otherworld starting in January(?) and Reaper bones in March... Oh boy oh boy...
- What crowdfunded miniatures have you invested in?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blood Bowl af Giant Fanatic 15

Hi there... (I know I haven't been posting for a long time... real life has been horrible!)

I haven't been painting anything either...

But this weekend I went to play my annual games of Blood bowl at Giant Fanatic in Copenhagen. I used to participate in the Warhammer-tournament, but that was many years ago... Blood Bowl requires less commitment, fewer painted miniatures... and it's a great game. So there I was.

I fielded the same skaventeam as last year. I even chose the same extra skills as last year, and therefore I was quite certain that, even though I havent played in a year, I would do quite well. I really like the fast skavens. Movement 9 is a bless. But I do also very much  like to beat up the other team and therefore I went with skills like migthy blow and block.

First game was against undead. A nice swedish guy. Close game.  2-1 victory. I didn't make that many casualties...if any... but a victory it was nonetheless.

Next game was against a slann team... Eventhough I have painted one myself, I have never played with or against a slannteam before. The leapt everywhere and i was lucky to get a draw 1-1

From here things started to go wrong. Third game was against Mobos skavens. I understand he has some practice in playing them skavens... And even though I should have sent his little av7 rats right off the pitch and into the casualtybox as easy as...something very easy... it didn't happend. I lost the game 1-2 and was never close to victory :(

Last game saturday was agianst orc... forgot to take any pictures - I was to busy removing my rats from the field and lost 1-2 again without any chance of winning.

Sunday morning - everything looked brighter and I was going to play some woodelves I remember beating to smithereens last year. And for the first time part of my plan worked out well - I managed to injure 7 out of his 11 elves! He did however score against me (including a one turn touchdown... oh the horror!), and I was extremely lucky getting a draw: 3-3. A great match - the best I have played this year :)

Last game was against skavens... again. And again, I must say, my plan failed miserably. I got my ratogre injured very early in the game, and was quite lucky losing by a single touchdown: 3-4. Fun game nonetheless

In the end I won the award for best painted team (thank you very much!). But gamewise I was no good... Maybe next year will be different... Maybe I should field the orc team I painted some years ago and never played with... Or maby I should paint something new---perhaps a fourth skaventeam? :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Evil dwarf

From Clam's very own range of John Pickford evil dwarves: 'Johann'.

Clam offered me some of his old school (but brand new) evil dwarves by John Pickford, if I painted this one for him. A great little bugger... as old school as it get :)

I really hope he likes it - if not, I'll keep him for myself.

Haven't been painting anything else this summer though. Real life has been hard on me, but hopefully things will be better at some point.

I have, however, been following various Kickstarter projects closely. And I must say, the Reaper Bones deal is looking very sweet and tempting... just wish they could ship from Europe, so I didn't have to pay that dreadfull tax...  Oh well... Who am I kidding, of course I'll pay - just give me them bones!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

So... it's time for an update. I have moved house, my wife is pregnant, lots of work...

But I'm still painting :) Here's some of the things I have done lately:

Orcs. For roleplaying - hence the round bases. I'm quite fond of the skincolour. Nothing fancy, but it works. The models are older gw orcs I had in my basement, still in blisters. The house moving has made me look through my leadpile.. ohh there are some shiny things there.

Another grab in the pile - some bretonian men at arms from gw and an orc captain I think, from reaper. Also meant for roleplaying And finaly I have this old gem for you - I have painted this genestealer for a friend of mine. I hope he likes it.

It found it extremely hard to get a good photo of this guy, too many arms I guess :)

And there are some trolls too... and some old 40k squats...  And maybe I'll even start painting some of the amazing McVey stuff I have bought lately...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ok then... I'm still here and still painting... But real life has been up over my head :(

I have something special for you though. It's the give away miniature for the upcoming Eurobowl 2012 tournament of blood bowl. It's taking place in october this year. The miniature is sculpted by Bob Olley, and being a tournament on danish ground it had to be a mermaid (the little mermaid you know...)

Anyway, here it is...and I like it!

What do you think? - Could she be your favourite receiver?