Friday, June 1, 2012

So... it's time for an update. I have moved house, my wife is pregnant, lots of work...

But I'm still painting :) Here's some of the things I have done lately:

Orcs. For roleplaying - hence the round bases. I'm quite fond of the skincolour. Nothing fancy, but it works. The models are older gw orcs I had in my basement, still in blisters. The house moving has made me look through my leadpile.. ohh there are some shiny things there.

Another grab in the pile - some bretonian men at arms from gw and an orc captain I think, from reaper. Also meant for roleplaying And finaly I have this old gem for you - I have painted this genestealer for a friend of mine. I hope he likes it.

It found it extremely hard to get a good photo of this guy, too many arms I guess :)

And there are some trolls too... and some old 40k squats...  And maybe I'll even start painting some of the amazing McVey stuff I have bought lately...


  1. Hello, orc skin color is nice !! Symbols on shields have a modern style but they get married well to the brutality of orcs!! Bye Nico

  2. Loving the paintjob on the Orcs and Bretonnians in particular. Addint he red on their noses and the magenta around the eyes of the Orcs adds lots of character.

    Also great to see you play Blood Bowl. Best game ever! ;)