Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back with a trophy


Recently things have gone better. I've returned to work, and I have started painting again. First thing painted in a long time is this BB-trophy sulpted on commision by Bob Olley (for the same bb-enthusiast, who commisioned the bb-mermaid) . It's 5 cm high and can be used as trophy, rerollcounter, turnmarker or whatever you feel like. The ball is oddly small... It has to be the arm of an ogre or something really big to make any sense. But when that is said, I think it looks really cool, and it has good heavy feel to it, being solid metal.

While I haven't been painting, I have however been trawling ebay for old school miniatures.... along with the rest of the world it seems?!? Prices have exploded... I have been outbid on every single thing I have laid eyes on. Maybe it's time to sell instead of buying?? Or maybe just digging the leadmountain for some already attained gold?

With no succes at buying at ebay, I felt I had to throw all my money after miniatures yet to be made... Having supported the Mcvey kickstarter and the Reaper bones kickstarter was apparently not enough. I just had to have those Otherworld adventureres as well... oh well... At some time there will be a considerable addon to the mountain of lead/plastic. Sedition Wars should be around in December as far as I remember... Otherworld starting in January(?) and Reaper bones in March... Oh boy oh boy...
- What crowdfunded miniatures have you invested in?