Friday, October 24, 2014

What have I painted?!?

I have no idea what this is!

I bought this one at ebay some time ago...don't know the race, don't know the company, don't know the sculptor...

I thought it looked quite cool nonetheless and painted it up... I have even put pictures of it on Oldhammerforum, and noone there knows what it is either!? So this is your chance to proove how much you know about minis! Do tell me, if you know anything! :)

It came on an integrate base and earlier on it might have had some kind of mark beneath the base... it had been removed with a knife before I got my hands on it.

So... what is this creature?!?!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dragonbait cleric and old lead

I do still paint...

Recently I finished this one - a cleric sculpted by Kev Adams for the dragonbait indiegogo campaign. I quite like it. It has the classic old school feel to it, that Kev Adams do so well.

I tried to keep the colourscheme muted for this one. Think it came out ok. It could be a cool cleric character or npc in a roleplaying game...

I have painted some really oldschool miniatures as well... But haven't got any  photos yet.

And I have been buying more old miniatures...

I have been looking for this miniature for a long time...unwilling to pay the buy-it-now prices at ebay... This one I got from Battlefield Berlin for 10 euro... fortunately the blister is broken, so I won't hesitate to  unpack it :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

GF 16

Back from Giant Fanatic 16

I have been to a real tournament, and I have actually played Blood Bowl!

Here's a snapshot from one of my six games during this weekends Blood Bowl tournament. Notice the cool field made by Sonny Bundgaard. In this match my tactics worked out perfectly: injure the oppponent and then go score a touchdown. I made 5 casulties against this proelf team... The match afterwards I managed 8 casulties and still lost 1-0... Had some real bad luck in between injuring slanns (.. ok I admit - I wasn't quite sure about how to play those slanns...and unfortunately they turned out to play quite good).

In the end I came up fourth with 3 wins, 1 tie and 2 defeats.. I did however make the most casulties (23) and won best painted team as well... (again, admitted - blood bowlers don't seem to spend as much time painting miniatures as they do drinking beer and talking footballtactics)

I played with this team - FC Tusindmus:

Saturday was fleamarket-day as well... and I ended up with this lot of miniatures:

Was it worth some 21£? I did try to haggle...

All in all it was great to see some action, some incredibly well painted armies at the warhammer-tournament, and I really want to paint some more miniatures soon :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jes Goodwin ogre

The c23ogres (I believe thats is, what they're called) are among everyones favourites... They are simply excellent. A job well done by Jes Goodwin...

I bought this one at ebay some time ago - great miniature. Painting it up went ok I think, though I'm not sure I understand the pants...I think I maybe have painted something like pants that weren't meant as pants... Jes Goodwin, could you please clarify to me, what the loinclothes between his legs are meant to be if not pants? :)

The horn emerging form his forehead is a great idea. Love this sculpt!

I would really like to have some more of those ogres... there are some great personalities among them :)

Of course I have bought lots of other stuff, which may turn up here on these pages... - I can mention an ambull, two fimirs, some sort of slann and a totally unknown (to me at least) miniature... and then I couldn't help myself and backed the Mantic dungeoncrawler kickstarter... eventhough I'm rather sceptic with the miniatures from Mantic...and kickstarters... 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer is almost over

Summerholiday is almost over, and I almost haven't been painting :(

Still... Gotta update this blog. Someone has to keep  this internet up and running!

I painted these miniatures from Statuesque some time ago:

I bought them because I felt that eventhough they were 3d rendered (is this the right technical term?), they had character. And the scuplts are super crisp and nicely detailed. Think they would make good roleplaying pieces, even if the paintjob isn't top.

While waiting for Otherworld miniatures, I also invested in the Kevin Adams kickstarter 'Dragon Bait miniatures'

Painted up this half-orc executioner. As much as I like Kevin Adams' goblins, I'm not sure about these miniatures. I'll have a go at some of the others though... might show up on the blog later this year.

Oh... and I have started painting on something really oldschool... The Dwarfkings court! Don't know if I ever finish the whole court...but I'm almost done with the queen. Stay tuned

And I have bought a ticket for Giant Fanatics Blood Bowl tounament in October... Maybe I'll paint something up for that as well... A turnmarker or something :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Otherworld miniatures is in the house!


Today is the day - I actually received my miniatures from Otherworld!! It has been a long journey... more than 1½ year since I paid some 170£ for these.
Apparently Richard has been running short of money, and haven't been able to send minaitures out before earning money through sale of other miniatures... I, for my part, would rather have borrowed money from Hells Angels than ruinning my companyname (if I were Richard that is) with a buisness strategy like that...

If I ever consider buying Otherworld miniatures again (and I'm afraid I will - they are looking so good and crisp), I really hope I'll do my buisness with some retailer rather than with Otherworld themselves.


I do have some painted miniatures to show, but that'll have to wait...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orcs and Liebster

It has been a long time... I know... Let's not talk more about it, ok?

I have been painting some very old orcs... Orc villagers to be more precise, sculpted by trish Morrison back in the days when anatomy and stuff wasn't that important. Fun was however... :)

I like them. They have something about them, don't you think?

Oh, and I have been awarded with the most prestigious of awards - The Liebster Award! Yes, it is true... Clam awarded me, and now I am to answer some 200 questions and pass the award on to another 2000 blogs. Or I'll get cursed...

The questions are like this:
  • Sci-fi or fantasy? Ancient or Modern warfare? And why? Definately fantasy and ancient warfare...but mostly fantasy. Nothing beats a dungeoncrawl with monsters...certainly not spacemarines. 
  • How did you first get into the miniature/war-gaming hobby? Dungeon & Dragons back in the days some 30 years ago..had a extremely hard time reading and understaning the rules.
  • What's the latest hobby-related book you've read? I bought Jacob Nielsens booklet about postcentaur painting...always liked and envyed Jacob Nielsens way of painting
  • What's your latest game you've played (tabletop/boardgame)? These days I haven taken up Magic the Gathering again, but last week I played Hanabi...was good fun.
  • Would you say you are more a collector, painter or gamer and why? I would say I'm a painter first and foremost, and then a collector... Haven't been playing much with them miniatures lately
  • Who is your favourite miniature sculptor? I'll go with Jes Goodwin...but I'm also quite fond of Kevin Adams, and the faces of Phil Lewis from the Talisman range are also among my favourites
  • Who is your favourite rule-book/source-book - illustrator/artist and/or writer? I hate reading rules, but do like John Blache illustrations...
  • Who is your all time favourite miniatures producing company? As much as I dislike the way GW has evolved, I must say that Citadel are the alltime greatest miniature company.
  • What's you favourite miniatures game/rule producer? I like Blood Bowl, and I even plan to play it this year at Giant Fanatic.
  • What's your dearest item in you collection - and why? I would say the 5 Femme Militant miniatures John Blanche himself payed me for some painted miniatures he bought of me.
  • What recent hobby purchase do you most regret (if any)? All kickstarters... Reaper bones because the material just doesn't do it for me, the Mcvey Sedition wars game, because it was a sci/fi game... and The Otherworld kickstarter because it has been 1½ year since the miniatures should have been here :(  
Hmm... as for passing on the throphy... I'll risk the curse - The Liebster award has been given to every single miniature blog  by now... I really think I was the last to complete the picture. I simply haven't got the time to find anyone who hasn't got it yet. If you would like to be awarded, feel free to write it in the comments :)

Friday, March 28, 2014


There you are. Kagunk, ogre chiftain by Tre Manor... the Bones version.

I really enjoyed painting this one... As I said in the last post, Tre Manors sculpts are almost as cool as Kevin Adams sculpts... And when the Bones minis becomes this large, the material isn't that annoying to work with.

I hope to see some cool Bones miniatures next month, when I'm judging a local painting contest at Fantask in Copenhagen. All entries must be Bones mini - and you can hand them in all april... Maybe some of you bloggers can come by and participate?

What to paint next? I'm considering the purple worm from Bones... But having really decided anything yet... Stay tuned :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kev Adams - blood bowl goblins

Long time since my last update. Time flies and I must admit I haven't been productive. I haven't even been following blogs and stuff...  Am I growing up, or what is happening??
But lately I have had fun painting some Kev Adams goblins - They have something special yet extremly simple to them. Maybe there is still hope for me.

But as much as I enjoyed painting them, I must say that I had a hard time taking photos of them.

I think I need to paint more Kevin Adams goblins... Some tome ago I saw an indiegogo campaign with rather nice Kevin Adams gobo warmachines and stuff... Looking forward to see those for sale irl :)
Until then I might just dig for gold in the mountain of lead... Lots of cool stuff there..probably some Kev Adams as well.

Next miniature on my to do list is a Tre Manor ogre from Reaper Bones...gotta paint at least some of them Bones... And Tre Manors sculpts are almost as cool as Kev Adams :)

The otherworld campaign has disappeared from Indiegogo... And I still haven't received a single miniature nor replies to any of my mails. I must say I'm quite disapointed with Richard from Otherworld :(

 Hopefully the next update will be sooner than later.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


So, in the end it didn't take that much effort. As strange as it is, it really wasn't that big a deal to paint this iconic old school sculpt.

Of course I could have spent more time on it... and will probably add some static grass and fix some minor details.... but for now it does look quite ambull'ish to me :) 

I have to ask though... How about those eyes?! I can't recall ever having seen it with eyes painted before... Is this because they aren't supposed to have eyes or what? And would it be better off with green eyes or red, instead of those almost human eyes I have given it?

I experimented a little with varnish... It looked a little dull after being dullcoted...(!) So I gave it some gloss coate on the scales, claws, teeth and head... It adds something right, I think.

The red on the back of the ambull is supposed to be blood coming from some wounds this particular casting had... In the end it came out ok.

I have always been very intriqued by these strange creatures... and after finaly having painted one, I must admit, I would like to have some more! :)


And I still haven't heard a word from Otherworld Miniatures...