Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bloodbowl dwarves part... done!

The specialteam for the dwarves is ready for some action!

In the front row there is Grim, the starplayer slayer (I think), Zara, chainsawguy, a passed out fan (the leader reroll), Boomer the bomber and some special gun dwarf I don't know the rules for... In the back there is 4 more linemen, 2 slayers (redone with orange hair), 3 drunken fans - one of them is puking rivertroll vomit. And of course the deathroller and the stunned deathroller.

This is the end of the Chaotic dwarfteam... It has been great fun to paint all of them, and I'm quite happy with the way they turned out... hope the owner is too... And Tjub who did a really great job converting all of the miniatures.

All in all there's some 30 models in this team.

Now what?

I guess I'll paint some boardgame-miniatures... maybe some of the Zombicide heroes... or some of the miniatures for Blood Rage... or some miniature from another of the dozens of boardgames I have bought lately from Kickstarter...

I must admit I really can't help myself when it comes to kickstarter.... I'm backing way more than I'll ever need.... But if it comes with extra miniatures, I'm in.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dwarves for the World Cup

Here's the first 15 members of the scratchbuilt dwarfteam! They are going to the world cup in Italy next week - I hope they do well!

There still remain some 13-14  models to the complete team... But I'm quite happy to have reached this point, even though I fear it will take a long time to complete the rest of the team. Still, there are some quite funny models left - the deathroller for example..and some drunken fans... and the hobgoblin starplayer of course.

If it was my team, I think I would have added more nondwarf miniatures.. but hey...some people just love dwarves! :)


Apart from bloodbowl miniatures I have had my hands on several new miniatures.

2 of the games I have supported on kickstarter has arrived!

'Blood Rage' - the McVey viking game and 'Dungeon Saga' from Mantic.

At first sight Blood Rage looks almost as good as I had hoped. The miniatures are way better than the sedition wars miniatures... And the game looks fun... though I have not played it yet...of course.

Dungeon Saga is harder to judge just by looking at it... I have no idea how the game play... but the miniatures are a little disappointing... though that was somehow expected... Mantic and their hard plastics... Still it might be good...I do love a good old dungeonraid! :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bloodbowling at Giant Fanatic 17

This weekend I attended Giant Fanatic 17... and played my yearly 6 matches of Bloodbowl... And these pictures tell the story prety much like it was:

Different matches, same situation... My skaven was simply swarming the serious injured and KO boxes!

1-2 vs undead 2-3 in casualties (I don't know how to beat undead with skavens!)
0-2 vs dwarves 0-5 in casalties (don't know how to beat dwarves either)
2-3 against skavens 1-5 in casualties  (failed to avoid a matchwinning 1-turn td in the last turn)
2-2 against woodelves 3-1 I believe in casualties (maybe should have won this)
0-2 against high elves ...can't recall the casualties (was supposed to meet another skaventeam, but the judge had to play this one as the skavenplayer didn't turn up... )
0-2 against dwarves 1-7 in casualties (still don't know how to beat dwarves with skavens)

I learned some valuable lesson:
  •  first of all... maybe practice is actually needed to win games after all....

  • And maybe playing the skavens as a bashingteam is a vulnerable least when you aren't extremely lucky with the dice...
  • I need more luck!!

In the end I won best painted... and 'wooden spoon' for being such a miserable looser...

Next year I might just play another team...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

And more dwarves..

I'm on a roll with these dwarves... Can't remember the last time I last had 2 blog-updates within days :)

3 more dwarves:

And with 7 dwarves down and only 21 to go, I'm nearing me the first groupshot!...

I'm still not sure about where to put names, numbers and colourcode... but I have some ideas... The base is probably the best place to put it...but maybe numbers could be painted on the white part of the hats? Maybe vertical? hmmm.. I'll have to put some more thoughts into it...


During the last year, where I haven't been painting, it seems like others have dropped painting as well? The forums where I use to lurk are becoming more and more deserted... What is happening with Frothers?!? And Oldhammer Forum is also slowing down... where is everybody?? Is there a new forum somnewhere I haven't been told about? please tell me! :(

Thursday, September 17, 2015

More bb-chaos dwarves...

Still painting from time to time...

I have these 28 scratchbuilt blood bowl dwarves to do... And here's 3 more... 2 runners and an apothecary:

They seem a little rough... but in person they look better. As you can see I have tried to make their hats white and silver instead of the golden/silver I did on the first one... I think it's a little better this way!?

I'm still quite confident that they will look good as a team...  can't wait to have enough to make a decent goupshot...

There's more dwarves coming up... so I hope to see you again on these pages :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Scratchbuilt Bloodbowl chaosdwarves coming up


Ok then.. took me a long time to get here... 9 months or so since my last post. And I havent been painting at all :(

Things went wrong when Fantask closed down their gamestore. That used to be the place where I did all my painting... for some 14 years I have been painting there every friday more or less. But times are hard and they had to close last winter...Im not good at adjusting... I must admit that :(

I have done several things to kickstart my paintingcareer though... I have, of course, bought tons of miniatures... I have recently bought a whole new set of Windsor & Newton brushes and some weeks ago I accepted a commision job - 28 chaosdwarves for blood bowl. All of them scratchbuilt by a tallented guy at  Chaos Dwarf Online called Tjub.

An absolutely great team, full of character and humour. Great ideas... I really hope I can do them justice...

And all of them are supposed to be done this year... That's the plan...

The one on the picture is the first completed dwarf... at the moment we're discussing whether the silver on the hat should be white instead... I think that might be a good idea?

Apart from not painting, life is ok... children are alive and growing..job's ok most of the time and so on... I only wish I had more time to do hobbyrelated stuff...

Friday, October 24, 2014

What have I painted?!?

I have no idea what this is!

I bought this one at ebay some time ago...don't know the race, don't know the company, don't know the sculptor...

I thought it looked quite cool nonetheless and painted it up... I have even put pictures of it on Oldhammerforum, and noone there knows what it is either!? So this is your chance to proove how much you know about minis! Do tell me, if you know anything! :)

It came on an integrate base and earlier on it might have had some kind of mark beneath the base... it had been removed with a knife before I got my hands on it.

So... what is this creature?!?!