Saturday, September 19, 2015

And more dwarves..

I'm on a roll with these dwarves... Can't remember the last time I last had 2 blog-updates within days :)

3 more dwarves:

And with 7 dwarves down and only 21 to go, I'm nearing me the first groupshot!...

I'm still not sure about where to put names, numbers and colourcode... but I have some ideas... The base is probably the best place to put it...but maybe numbers could be painted on the white part of the hats? Maybe vertical? hmmm.. I'll have to put some more thoughts into it...


During the last year, where I haven't been painting, it seems like others have dropped painting as well? The forums where I use to lurk are becoming more and more deserted... What is happening with Frothers?!? And Oldhammer Forum is also slowing down... where is everybody?? Is there a new forum somnewhere I haven't been told about? please tell me! :(

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