Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas

And a merry christmas to you too, sir!

I hope you will all get lead for christmas... or maybe resin.

- Unfortunately there is no such traditions at my place, so I have got to buy it myself. This week I have bought some winged little demons armed with guns (perfect for alternative spacehulk scenarios) and three 2. ed blood bowl skavens (the two throwers and a catcher). I just love those Jes Goodwin scuplts, and even though I have already painted two 2.ed skaventeams I have a craving for yet another one.

See you soon - I hope to have new pictures for you then...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Even more bb elves...

Ok then... here's the newest batch of 2.ed.blood bowl elves.

My eyes are getting much better (thanks for the concern, guys!), and though I feel these aren't my best minis ever, I'm still happy they could be done at all :)

And here's a groupshot fo the elves done so far.

I still have to paint something like 7 linemen and a treeman.
I'm looking forward to the treeman, but I'm a little concerned about all those linemen... I remember thinking they where incredibly cool back in the days with their mohawks and 'come and get some'-attitude, but now I'm not so sure...Actually I feel they're the weakest sculpts of the bunch.. hmmm...